Camp Tackle - Outfit Your Next Adventure

Camp Tackle is designed to outfit any vehicle, whether your building out your next van, truck, jeep or camper. Camp Tackle modules come in a range of sizes and designs, making it easy to outfit your vehicle with the gear you're taking on your next adventure. We don't want t limit your build out so please contact us if you have special design requirements.

Design Inspired By Rafting

On a long or short trips, rafts are rigged and derigged on a daily basis... it becomes part of the routine. Cam straps and D rings make is extremely easy to carry this routine out, making it easy to change the boat day to day. Groover one might be full, so it's time to put groover two on deck. Just loosen some cams and move the ammo can. Camp Tackle's design plays on this ever changing adventure... sometimes it might seem right to have your water facing outside, while in the winter it should face inside, or maybe you want your counter on the other side of your van because that's where the sunset will be. Camp Tackle was designed for this change allowing you to change your space as much as your adventure changes.

Rig Your Gear Your Way

Tie your gear down on a bumpy road or have it ready to grab when stopped. We add several rigging points so your gear can be exactly where you you need it when you want it.