AZ BDR into Southern Utah

AZ BDR into Southern Utah

This October, we decided to take a break from building campers and set our sights on the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR). We started our journey from Flagstaff, renting a U-haul to transport our bikes, a KTM 500 and a Husqvarna FE501S, down to Sierra Vista, AZ.

Our ride began at the Coronado National Monument, almost touching the Mexico border. Instantly, we were surrounded by the vast beauty of the desert. We pushed north, riding alongside the towering cacti of the Saguaro National Park. While many parts were a smooth ride, some stretches definitely tested our skills.

Of course, every adventure has its bumps. On our very first day, as dusk approached, we got a flat on the KTM's rear tire. We were able to quickly find camp and change the tube. Though, no fun, it at least gave us something to do at camp.

From there, our path led us through breathtaking canyons and up the Mogollon Rim, guiding us back to Flagstaff. The Navajo Reservation segment up by Cameron was incredible, and had tons of amazing sights including a great viewpoint of the Little Colorado River. From there, we went into the Vermilion cliffs and up House Rock Road, finishing the BDR is four days.

With some extra time on our hands, we explored the terrains of southern Utah, including the famous Cottonwood Canyon, Hell's Backbone, and Smokey Mountain Road. Our adventure wrapped up with a return ride to Flagstaff along the picturesque Route 89A.

Overall an incredible trip which put tons of Arizona and Utah beauty on display. Weather was perfect, with no need to set up tents. Would recommend!

Tire Change AZ BDR
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