Why vertical walls?

Space! With vertical walls you maximize space for living while still using your truck as a truck. If you want storage, a bench, or a table you don't have fight the curve of other camper toppers to use the space as efficiently as possible.

Since the camper stays on the truck it is important that you can still work or haul with your truck. Having vertical walls gives you the ability to still put 4x8 sheet in the back or haul a BBQ.

Why pop up and not a wedge?

We make these camper shells so someone can sit up on the bed while another person is below working, cooking, or packing for the next backpacking trip. The wedge limits a lot of potential space, and makes it hard for someone to relax on the bed when someone is working below.

After living in a wedge for nearly two years, we learned that wedges just aren't fun. Whether you're solo camping or with a friend, the wedge just limits usable space. We have yet to hear a customer complain about having more room.

Why no "shelves" on the inside?

Our campers are built for your truck, meaning we maximize your truck bed's space. Other manufacturers that are focused on high production want to build a one size fits (near) all trucks version, meaning they build one unit that is wider and shorter. Then it is fit to your truck with shims on the front, and it has side rails that take up valuable truck bed room. Our campers are built straight up from your side rails, front cross bar, and rear tailgate, giving you that extra room for gear and leaves you open to still hauling 4'x8' sheet wood from the local hardware store!

Why tube construction?

Tube construction also enables us to modify the design for you and allows us to build anything in the camper. While other manufacturers are limited by production runs and a set design, we can add more height or access panels wherever you want!

Building the camper shell with a base frame makes it easy to add insulation and wiring cleanly. It also adds hard points around the camper giving you the option to build any interior or add any jerry cans, lights, or tools on the outside.

How much room is there for bedding?

The standard cab over depth is 8" including the roof. when closed and the bed pushed back this leaves you with 4" at the front of the cab over and 6" at the rear. We can also extend this height 2" if you have some extra lofty down sleeping stuff. 

Is the mattress included? We don't include a mattress, but have many ideas for you when you make a purchase. We don't include one because people have different backs which like different grades of firmness. If you'd like to check out any of our mattress offerings the day of install and make your decision then, that can be arranged. 

What if I buy a new truck will this camper fit?

Yes and no. Toyota has done a good job keeping their bed dimensions the same between generations so if you have a gen 2 and are looking at a gen 3 then odds are the same camper will fit. If a new truck is something you're considering let us know and we'll see if we can make something that will work with both models.

What do you mean by custom?

Since each camper is built out of aluminum tubing, we can easily make adjustments to sizing. If you have a long bed full size truck, or the smallest 1972 Datsun, we'll work with you to get the job done. If you're interested in a camper please ask us for a sizing form and we'll send one to you. This form has all the dimensions we will need to build your camper. When you fill out your dimension sheet tell us any accessories or other parts you want added so we have them in mind during the build.

Once you fill out the sizing sheet we will mock up your camper dimensions, and will send this back to you for you to compare to your truck and ensure a proper fit.

Is the camper easy to service/repair?

Yes! We designed this camper to be easily repaired by anyone that is handy with tools and a little know-how. 

Even if you're halfway around the world odds of you finding some aluminum tubing or a hinge are really high. We don't want any proprietary parts stopping you midway through your journey.

We want these to last as long as your truck does and go to the next with you!

How heavy is the camper top?

The top weighs under 300lbs with no additional add-ons on a 6' midsize truck, leaving you plenty of leftover payload to outfit the camper shell any way you'd like. 

Can I add storage drawers to the bed of my truck?

The top is built to your truck's rail width to maximize available space. Any aftermarket drawer system should easily work with the shell.

How long will it take to get my camper?

Our lead times are kept up to date on the homepage of the website and on our instagram page. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss current timeline. Call us at 928.433.2030. Email: info@campovrlnd.com

Do you guys have dealers in other states?

Nope! We want to make sure every camper is right for the person getting them. We've all dealt with dealers, and at the end of the day they're selling stuff, not making stuff... They want to sell you our camper with all these other bells and whistles, whether our camper or that other stuff is right for you or not. That's not what we want, so we don't have dealers. If you want to see a camper local to you, we have so many on the road that finding a customer who will show theirs is usually an easy task. If you want to see one contact us and we can find someone local to you!  Email: info@campovrlnd.com

Is the camper water and dust-tight?

Yes, we take serious steps to ensure that no water comes in from the sides or top. Each exterior piece is treated to a thick coating of sealant that is durable and water-tight.

Though the camper itself is dust and water-tight, dust and water infiltration can still come from the bed of your truck. There are a number of holes and gaps that come from the bed and can easily be sealed with aftermarket kits and/or silicone. 

Can OVRLND deliver or ship the camper?

Sure! We can bring it to you for a charge of $2.75 per mile (one way) + $250 install fee. You can also organize a freight service or private shipper to come pick it up from us! For us to pack it for shipment via freight there is a $1100 crate fee.

When we deliver, we'll help install it, and make sure everything is set to roll. You also won't have to pay sales tax when delivered or shipped out of state!

Shipping example: Flagstaff to Portland is 1223 miles. 1223mi x $2.75= $3363.25 + $250(Install Fee) = $3613.25

Can I pick the camper up?

Yes! This way we can fit it to your bed and you can immediately test it out by camping in the surrounding national forest or on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you have extra time we would love to take you mountain biking and grab a beer. There is no installation fee when you pick the camper up at our shop.