Why vertical walls?

Space! With vertical walls you maximize space for living and still using your truck as a truck. If you want storage, a bench, or a table you don't have fight the curve of other camper toppers to use the space as efficiently as possible.

Why not a wedge?

I make these campers so someone can sit up straight on the collapsed back bed while another is below working, cooking, or packing for the next backpacking trip. The wedge limits a lot of potential space, and makes it hard for someone to relax on the bed when someone is working below.

Why tube construction?

Building the camper with a base frame makes it easy to add insulation cleanly. It also adds hard points around the camper giving you the option to build any interior or add any jerry cans, lights, or tools on the outside.

What do you mean by custom?

Since each camper is built out of aluminum tubing, I can easily make adjustments to sizing. If you have a long bed full size truck, or the smallest 1972 Datsun, I'll work with you to get the job done. If you're interested in a camper please ask me for a sizing form and I'll send one to you. This form has all the dimensions I will need to build your camper. When you fill out your dimension sheet tell me any accessories or other parts you want added so I have them in mind during the build.

Once you fill out the sizing sheet I will mock up your truck dimensions, then will overlay my proposed camper dimensions. I will send this back to you for you to compare to your truck and ensure a proper fit.

How heavy is the camper top?

The top weighs under 350lbs with no addition add-ons. For an upgraded fee this can go to the 300lb range with the use of composites for the bed boards. 

How long will it take to get my camper?

After you place your order with me, I'll give you a ring to discuss timeline. Each camper takes around 4 weeks to make depending on the spec. You can also call me and ask the current wait time. 307.314.4456.

Is the camper water and dust tight?

Yes, I take serious steps to ensure that no water comes in from the sides or top. Each exterior piece is treated to a thick coating of sealant that is durable and water tight. The camper is then thoroughly tested to ensure that nothing can get through.

Though the camper itself is dust tight, dust infiltration can still come from the bed of your truck. There are a number of holes and gaps that come from the bed and can easily be sealed with aftermarket kits and or silicone. 

Can you ship the camper?

Sure! I can organize a freight service to haul the camper to you or you can organize a private shipper to come grab it. Shipping costs are different based on location, so let me know where it's going and I can send back a quote.

Can I pick the camper up?

Yes! This way we can fit it to your bed and you can immediately test it out by camping in the surrounding national forest. If you have extra time I would love to take you mountain biking and grab a beer.

Whats the warranty?

There is a 2 year warranty on the construction of the camper. This includes all parts and material. This of course is limited and does not include wear and tear from use. If you have a warranty claim just send me an email with pictures of the abnormal damage to jay@campovrlnd.com with "warranty" in the subject line. I will then follow up and we'll figure out the best way to repair the camper. If the camper needs to be shipped back to Flagstaff for an in house repair, all shipping costs and liability associated with shipping will be covered by the owner of the camper.