Community Discounts and Affiliate Program

Community Discounts

We know that campers are expensive, and we understand that many folks who would use and benefit from having a camper aren't always able to justify the expense. We want to do what we can to get our campers into the hands of those who better our communities, protect our public lands and environment, and spread the stoke for camping, conservation, and taking care of each other. Specifically those who are often under-compensated for their roles in making the world a better, safer place. 

If you work in one of these roles/industries and are interested in a camper, reach out to us for a community discount application*. We'd love to help you out:

  • Wildland Firefighters
  • Field Technicians/Conservation Workers
  • K-12 Teachers (Preschool too)
  • Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief Workers
  • Outdoor Industry**


Affiliate Program

This is a marketing partnership with expectations for deliverables and other work in exchange for a discount on a camper. These agreements will be highly variable person to person. Reach out, and we can discuss what that may look like. 



*All discount amounts and eligibility are up to our discretion and proof of employment in a qualified role/field is required. 

**We realize this is a very broad industry. We will offer a lesser "industry" discount for those are in the outdoors industry but do not qualify for the "community" discount. We ask that you keep the spirit of the program in mind when inquiring about your eligibility.