Grand Canyon Summit Report - Huethawali and Fiske Butte

Grand Canyon Summit Report - Huethawali and Fiske Butte

On a chilly December morning, we set out from the South Bass Trailhead in the Grand Canyon. It was just around 7 AM, and the temperature was a brisk 17°F, making for a frosty start to our hike.

Our day's plan was to trek down to Mount Huethawali, and later make our way to Fiske Butte. The trail began as expected, with the familiar ruggedness of the Grand Canyon. As we progressed, we decided to veer off the main trail towards Mount Huethawali, guided partly by intuition and partly by the visible terrain. The easiest approach to the summit appeared to be from the south side, so we aimed in that direction. The path was dotted with cairns, which made navigation easier than anticipated. Reaching the summit of Huethawali i was awesome overlooking the Esplanade formation below.

After spending some time at Huethawali, we retraced our steps down and set off towards our next destination, Fiske Butte. This part of the journey was particularly enjoyable. We ambled along the Esplanade, taking in the expansive views, until we reached a point where we could descend to a lower level. The descent involved navigating through a gully, following a route mentioned in another trip report we had read. This brought us to an imposing boulder, which presented a bit of a challenge. There were a few daunting routes down, but fortunately, we found a small hole on the side that offered a safer and easier descent.

Once past this obstacle, the hike became a quick walk over to Fiske Butte. The views from the Butte were stunning, offering a different perspective of the canyon. It was a peaceful moment, taking in the grandeur of the landscape that stretched before us.

The journey back was much the same route we took to come in. We ended our hike at the South Bass Trailhead, feeling content with the day's experiences. The hike was a blend of quiet contemplation, a bit of adventure, and a lot of natural beauty – a perfect day in the Grand Canyon.


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