Jay - Owner/Welder

Southern Tip

Drinking the most southern brewed beer after driving the southern most road. Tierro Del Fuego, Argentina.

Jay is the owner, designer and welder of OVRLND campers. Since the age of one, he has spent over a thousand nights sleeping in a camper. Whether he wakes up in the Little America parking lot in Wyoming or surrounded by cows in the Arizona desert, his days on the road are always good ones. Throughout his travels he took note of everything he wanted in a camper and how he could make it the perfect tool for any adventure. With his background in mechanical engineering he has always been tinkering with random projects. It is from this experience that he was able to design a strong and lightweight framework for you to take and make your own. He knows the OVRLND topper is capable of making any road a home. He loves working with people to design their perfect adventure rig!

 Roamin Chariot White Rim

The wedge that started it all. White Rim Trail in Jay's old Roamin Chariot.


Russell - Tool/Jig Specialist and Master Fabricator


Russell loves to design and build things and has over a decade of experience in the arts, woodworking, and in a few scientific disciplines. He is a classically trained artist and holds degrees in fine art, with an emphasis in ceramics, and in exercise science. He spends a fair amount of time learning about making a variety of things, but his favorites are furniture making, roasting coffee, brewing beer, baking bread, and generally being nerdy about creative processes.

He loves the southwestern wilderness and getting out on a mountain bike, trail running, or hiking in remote parts of Arizona.

Though new to him, building campers allows him to combine his interests and produce something our customers can use to experience their own adventures in a new, and better way.


Joe - CNC Specialist

Mongol Rally

Joe and Emily on the Mongol Rally

After completing the latest 11,000 mile overland expedition in a tiny Suzuki, Joe came to OVRLND  to streamline production. He is also an engineer and spends his time trying new things and getting creative with manufacturing. In 2015 he built a wedge style pop up for his Frontier and quickly found out that why he should have just built a camper with a full pop top

Joe loves exploring the world's waterways from the Grand Canyon to Ethiopia. Nothing provides the sense of solitude and rush for him as much as a near flip in some big water canyons.

When he isn't at the shop CNCing parts he is most likely mountain biking with his partner Emily, trying to master Asian cooking or figuring out the next overland adventure. 

Tina - Seamstress Extraordinaire 

Tina Moto

Tina is the owner of Red Thread Sewing in Flagstaff, AZ and has been professionally sewing for fifteen years. She enjoys moto touring, hiking with her dog Rosie, and pickling veggies. She is always on the go welding, building or modifying her bike. She handles all of out stitch work and has helped us create a beautiful canvas.

tina stitch