Southern Tip

Drinking the most southern brewed beer after driving the southern most road. Tierro Del Fuego, Argentina.


My name is Jay and I am the owner and builder of OVRLND campers. Since the age of one, I have spent over a thousand nights sleeping on the road. Whether I wake up in the Little America parking lot in Wyoming or surrounded by cows in the Arizona desert, my days on the road are always good ones. Throughout my travels I took note of everything I wanted in a camper and how I could make it the perfect tool for any adventure. With my background in mechanical engineering I have always been tinkering with random projects. It is from this experience that I was able to design a strong and lightweight framework for you to take and make your own. I know the OVRLND topper is capable of making any road a home. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope I can help build you your dream adventure rig.

 Roamin Chariot White Rim

The wedge that started it all. White Rim Trail in my old Roamin Chariot.