Camp Tackle FAQ

Are Camp Tackle Designed To Stack?

Yes! A good stacking height is 38". Two 14" modules and a 10" module make a really nice counter height.

How Do They Attach to Each other?

The corner brackets of each module have a hole that makea it easy to add an included wood dowel to. These wood dowels then reference with the module on top.

Then to secure the module you can attach 1-4 cam straps depending on how stable you think you need the stack to be. A single cam strap can be added to the center of the modules and secured. See the yellow and purple strap in the image below. The yellow is tied to the module above and the purple to the one below.

If you want your units to be more secure, 2-4 cams can be added to the sides.

How Do I Attach A Module To My Vehicle?

There are a couple super easy ways to do this:

1. Attach 4 D rings to the floor of your vehicle where you want the module. You can then use cam straps to secure the module to the D ring. D rings can be added with rivnuts or through bolting. Give us a call if you have question on best practice.

2. You can also just through bolt and attach to the floor of your vehicle. Pictures coming soon!

What's The Weight Limit On Top Of A Module?

100 pounds

How Much Does a Module Weigh?

Cubbies are under 15 pounds

Drawers are under 25 pounds

Can I Pick My Order Up In Flagstaff, AZ?