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Planar Portable Diesel/Kerosene Heater 4D

Planar Portable Diesel/Kerosene Heater 4D

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Heat your rig with a portable heater! Take it when its cold or leave it at home if its summer! Set it on the ground outside when you get to camp and start it up when your ready to hang in your camper. Easily add a port to your camper so you can connect the hose and start pumping heat in.

These units burn either diesel or kerosene, and will heat a small space rapidly. If you're looking for less heat check out the 2D unit!

Works great up to 8,200ft and are super quiet!


Heat Output: 1.0 – 4.0 kw / 3,400-13,600 btu
Fuel Consumption: 0.12-0.51 l/h / 0.03-0.14 gal/h
Nominal Supply Voltage: 12V
Power Consumption; W (A): 10-57 w (0.8-4.75 A)
Airflow Rate: 70-168 m³/h
Weight: 15 kg. / 33 lb.
Package L x D x H: 635 x 483 x 483 mm. / 25 x 19 x 19 in
Operating Modes: Power

Included in package:

  • Heater unit
  • Dial Thermostat
  • power cable with ring connectors

Note that startup of the heater draws just over 10amps, so ensure your battery setup or cigarette port is rated for over 10 amps.

Also you should get a CO monitor because life is precious and worth $16 at a hardware store.

Lead time is 2-4 weeks

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